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The Plan Verde Society is active thanks to the commitment of its supporters. Without this commitment, we would be unable to accomplish so effectively what is necessary for our environment. Each donation — large or small, one-time or recurring — helps make this undertaking, which supports nature, possible.

Donate online via our bank account:

Plan Verde e.V.

Sparkasse Hannover

IBAN: DE 56 2505 0180 0901 0748 70


Donate in Digital Currency / Coins

We would also like to support donations in different cryptocurrency Bitcoin – Dash or Litecoin. cryptocurrency are digital currencies that can increasingly be used to pay online. The cryptocurrency can then be exchanged into “real money” on marketplaces.

Bitcoin:  bc1q7fpanzm0aylynrk9kp4yjkdt9pahqjpct54hez

Dash:  XwGwtbe6Bo5LcFWztDrVXPTpivq5cN6FRv

Litecoin:  LKHrXD4dYqfebJKr54aDFU73EsN5Wu12t4


Your donation via “Betterplace”

You can also go directly to Betterplace to get more information about our project.  Click here!

Of course the amount of 50 Euros (approx. US$55.00) is not fixed. You can change the amount to whatever you wish. Simply highlight the amount “50” with the cursor and insert the desired amount.

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