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Plan Verde Society

The destruction by humans of natural resources has driven away both humans and animals, and this destruction has caused great harm to the environment. It is time to engage in the reconstruction of these broad expanses of land. Plan Verde Society was not created with the idea of returning, here and there, a few plants to nature. The concept behind Plan Verde Society begins with the personal responsibility of the people who live in the affected areas. This responsibility, which goes beyond the level of mere survival, consists of using targeted on-site training in order to convey the main challenge to people. The coastal zone of Peru, once a paradise of plant and animal diversity, has for century's now fallen victim to industrial agriculture. What have remained are desert-like regions, featuring vegetation usable by neither humans nor animals. The animals are gone, and people “have fled for refuge” to the cities. People must be shown positive prospects for the future, so that even their children will erase from their vocabulary all thoughts of leaving and emigration, and will regard their work with pride.
"Conservation of species will be unsuccessful if we don’t facilitate any sustainable livelihoods for the people in the affected regions. Our goal cannot be saving animals yet starving the people in their environment. People, animals and the environment exist in a very tight mutual interaction." (Jane Goodall)